Smelly Chemistry

Chemistry is in everything. We know this from the blog you read earlier, right? So, now the interesting thing is chemistry is often very similar in some products. In some cases, they are so similar that the only difference comes down to a single element in the molecule, or how in some products there are […]

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Chemistry is in Everything

Chemistry is in everything, but the impact or reason why chemistry is in certain systems is surprising and very interesting. Recently, my lab class presented the chemistry behind certain everyday topics such as the formula for salt used for deicing roads, and why coffee keeps you awake. However, the presentations that caught my attention were […]

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Chemical Free?

What comes to mind when you see a product being “chemical free”? Do you think of some type of baby product that will not be harmful to a child or do you doubt the label and think that it is false advertisement? I for one doubt the label because of the very definition of a […]

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